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Living Wall Murals' decadent botanical wall for Brighton's Pelirocco hotel

Described by Ellie and Co as the kitschiest hotel in town, the interiors of the fabulous Brighton institution - the Pelirroco Hotel can now boast yet another dramatic wall to add to their roster. You guessed it - there's a ton of pink in this one. And neon and bright blues and greens and delicious yellows. It's a botanical mural!

I designed and painted a theme around wildflowers, hot colours and tons of light and dark all set on top of a deep aubergine base colour.

This mural is glamorous and decadent and full of passion. The plants I focused on were wild weeds, tons of foliage and dried seedheads all tumbling together around the wall.

The paints I used were by the Little Green Paint Company with a splash of hot pink from Victory Paint.

My practice as a painter @clarawilkinsonart filters into all I do with these botanical murals. From years of sketching and painting out in nature, plant shapes and structures are etched into my head. When I get on a wall like this things just take on a life of their own!

Get in touch with me if you'd like a mural of your own at or @livingwallmurals.

Pelirocco Mural

January 2024


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