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Brighton Artists Open Houses exhibition 2022


Two weekends:

3rd, 4th and 10th, 11th December

I'm opening my studio and home for a second winter as part of Brighton's artists open houses.

This year I'll be exhibiting some new oil paintings, a series of watercolours and sketches from a year of work in the Sussex countryside, Exmoor and southern Spain - places that provide me with endless inspiration.

The show is called 'Grace' and represents the beauty and resilience found in nature.

Much of my work is inspired by the wild.

Despite all that is thrown at nature, how squeezed it is and sometimes overlooked, I am astonished at how every year, things return and grow often with renewed vigour. I love the change in seasons and lately I've found it comforting and inspiring to return throughout the year to familiar places, to observe and sketch the changes.

Noticing grace in nature, does stop me in my tracks. It reminds me about how best to live.

It's not always easy but I have begun to think about grace as a guide. That when things don't always go so well in life, when sadness or loss or change occurs, or when wrong is done, it feels better to offer generosity instead of the opposite.

There is a relief to be found focussing on growth and light as a pathway.

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