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Inspired by the wild

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I love watercolour painting. I use my old Windsor and Newton watercolour set and lots of gouache and watercolour tubes by Mijello Mission paints that I've just discovered. I'll be posting about this topic soon.

I've been producing a series of watercolour original works on paper to accompany my former series of paintings 'beneath the surface.'

This new series is called 'Wild notes' and is a preparation for lots of oil paintings I have begun

. I have looked closely at wild flowers and weeds often overlooked- in particular the Wild Comfrey and Symphytum that grows along the hedgerows and corners of the pavements. I'm also looking at weeds such as the Red Vein Dock Leaf seen here below. Living near the South downs and frequently visiting Exmoor is invigorating for my work.

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