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New work transformed by beautiful framing

Here is 'Storm no.1' from a series of paintings I made last summer as part of my studies at Seawhites studios with Emily Ball in Sussex.

This piece was the first of four in my Storm series which was bought by at my Artists Open House exhibition in May. The buyer sent me this photo to show how beautiful it looks in it's new frame by Frame Factory, Brighton.

This work marked a new direction in my painting - I wanted to investigate how mixed media felt on large paper. I used oil paint, watercolour, liquid watercolour and gouache on heavy weight Arches paper.

The theme is nature based inspired by Somerset and the hills of Exmoor, but as ever these pieces are about memory. In particular about my father and my sensations of him being near me when I walk on the moor. This where I spent alot of time as a young child.

I wanted to capture some true deep darkness of my sadness at losing him, combined with the light and bright nature of my memories and those conversations I had with my father.

Emily asked us to write down thoughts and feelings in our sketch books and from the words sprang forth this series of paintings on paper.

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